Live Works

Selected Live Performance Works.
Director, Writer, Deviser, Assistant Director. 

Welcome to Nowhere- Malthouse Theatre

Assistant Director to Emma Valente


The River- Red Stitch Actor’s Theatre
Assistant Director to John Kachoyan

Assant Director (Director John Kachoyan★★★☆ S

Heart, Shadow; Inside, Outside- La Mama Theatre
Writer and Director
An immersive museum of your personal secrets.

Drab is a term that was used in the 16th Century to describe untidy women. We are a collective of untidy women creating physical performance that explores the relationship between our bodies and their interaction with theatrical elements (sound, architecture, lighting, objects, projection), discovering the ways these enmesh, rupture and collide the space. We enter the rehearsal process without any preconceived notions our work, but draw together our diverse experiences through impulsive improvisations- open to the unexpected. or something none of us would reach alone.

The Law of Remains - MAPA
contemporary interpretation of Reza Abdoh’s 1991 play about Jeffrey Dahmer and Andy Warhol.

Queering The Body & Body Maps by Tim Miller
Deviser and Performer: Theatre Works and MAPA.